Lemon Beauty Bar

photo credit: Josh Jensen Photography

We were contacted by Shaylyn of the Lemon Beauty Bar, who along with Ashlyn, were opening a new location on Christina St. As a high end esthetics bar they were looking for a special touch for their space.

When they approached us, they already had their design in mind. They knew their colours, their furniture, and had seen some wallpaper before that they wanted in their space, but with some custom alterations, specifically a redesign with lemons to suit their business.

As a creative business, we are able to respond to your ideas, whether you have no idea what you want or a complete design that needs to be recreated. This was a great in-between that allowed us to spend some time designing for a custom look that was perfect for their space.

Once the design was confirmed, I had to get to work finding the best technique to install the hand painted "wallpaper" directly into their space. After some deliberation, we settled on using stencils to maintain a uniform shape and size to the pattern, a projector to grid out the large wall to ensure the pattern was consistent and straight, and then finally, hand painting for the details.

This project was a larger project than most, and took us about 40 hours of labour with, for the most part, two of us working. We had an absolute blast doing it. The Lemon Beauty Bar was a dream to work with and the project had all the right challenges. I hope we get the chance to do something similar again someday.

You can check it out in person at 201 Christina St. Totally worth a pedicure to go see it! Their opening night is First Friday, Feb 3rd from 5 to 8 pm.

photo credit: Josh Jensen Photography

photo credit: Josh Jensen Photography

photo credit: Josh Jensen Photography

photo credit: Josh Jensen Photography

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